Daily Post #4

Aristotle on friendship: “an absolute necessity in life. No one would choose to live without friends, even if he had all the other goods” (Book VIII, Nicomachean Ethics). He goes on to say that there are three kinds, none of which are intrinsically evil: (1) based on utility, (2) based on pleasure, (3) based onContinue reading “Daily Post #4”

The Chosen: My Emotional Response

I watched the first episode this morning and the last five minutes broke me. I wept. I then watched the scene with Mary of Magdalene 15 more times, and wept more.

My Daily Peace: Walks with C.S. Lewis

These are difficult times for so many. COVID has destroyed—or at least interrupted—people’s dreams, livelihoods, relationships, disciplines, and family rhythms. Intentionality is needed more than ever to maintain mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual health.