Dylann Roof: Should Pastors and/or Churchmembers Carry Guns?

 The racially motivated murder of nine black people while inside a church building in Charleston, South Carolina is horrendous. My heart is sad. Family members and friends are waking up today without people they love for absolutely no reason. What needless suffering because of one bitter individual. I wonder if anyone had a gun inContinue reading “Dylann Roof: Should Pastors and/or Churchmembers Carry Guns?”

The Death Penalty

In the United States of America, 18 states have voted at some point in the past to abolish the death penalty. That leaves 32 states that, at least legally, still allow it. Maryland was the most recents state (2013) to abolish. My question is simple: Should a Christian be for or against the death penalty?Continue reading “The Death Penalty”