Oil Change

Let’s be honest, a person shows love in the small things. The small moments. Any “dad” can show up once a year at New Year’s or July 4th, buy fireworks, and entertain his kid. But a real dad? Much more is required. Daddy God shows his love in the small things. The really, really smallContinue reading “Oil Change”


“You Stopped Being a Son”

At RLM, we just finished up our annual Prophetic Conference. It was a very powerful time. For me personally, the Lord really took some time to speak some different things to my heart. You know, as Christians, we are always going around talking about how much we want Jesus to speak to us. We wantContinue reading ““You Stopped Being a Son””

“I Want My Voice To Be Special”

A couple of weeks ago changed my life…forever. Allison gave birth to our first son, Ezra Max Condrey. I love him so, so, so much and he has never done one thing for me. For the last 4-5 months of Allison’s pregnancy, she kept telling me to talk to Ezra while he was in the womb.Continue reading ““I Want My Voice To Be Special””