A Morning Stroll

Shake things up. Do the same thing differently. This is important. I definitely have a set routine to my early mornings. If you have read my book, “The Word As A Vehicle,” you know what it is. This routine revolves around spending time with Daddy God, the Father of Jesus Christ. However, being a creatureContinue reading “A Morning Stroll”

Pastoral Advice

I have signed up as an intern leader for a person in our church who is completing her education. In the conversation today, I shared something that I thought might be helpful for other people. This is my simple, humble approach to sharing a thought with someone. What do I mean by thought? Well, asContinue reading “Pastoral Advice”

“You Stopped Being a Son”

At RLM, we just finished up our annual Prophetic Conference. It was a very powerful time. For me personally, the Lord really took some time to speak some different things to my heart. You know, as Christians, we are always going around talking about how much we want Jesus to speak to us. We wantContinue reading ““You Stopped Being a Son””