The Adventure of a Lifetime: An Update from Spokane, WA

  One blog post for the last three weeks? Impossible. So much has happened. Last February, long before my wife and I had a clue about what would transpire throughout the remainder of 2015, we began looking at each other and saying, “We want to go on the adventure of a lifetime.” And then, inContinue reading “The Adventure of a Lifetime: An Update from Spokane, WA”

When Wanting to Please God Can Paralyze You

   You cannot move. You are afraid of “missing it.” What if this is not God’s will? What if you are only 30% or 50% or 80% sure the thought you have floating around in your head is the Holy Spirit speaking rather than your own idea? What if you step out and find outContinue reading “When Wanting to Please God Can Paralyze You”

Infinite Suspension

Some people always have a reason why they cannot move forward with something. There is a dream, an idea, maybe even something that God has deposited in their heart, but they never get around to it. I need one more week, one more month, or one more year and then I will be ready. TheyContinue reading “Infinite Suspension”