He is Risen

He is risen. As followers of Christ, we believe that this is a historical event with spiritual, mental, emotional, relational, intellectual, and eternal ramifications. Neither wishful thinking nor a neurosis (Freud). Not merely a psychological crutch (Nietzsche), although a wonderful crutch. Not an “opium” for when the average Joe is suffering economically at the handsContinue reading “He is Risen”


Quit Lying To Yourself – We Americans Don’t Care About the Gospel

   Paper: https://www.gfa.org/offer/freebook/ PDF: http://www.gfa.org/resource/books/revolution/ I am literally sitting here at my computer weeping. I can’t believe it. What has happened to me? I am a professional Christian. I get paid. However, the miserable burning to share Christ seeped out of me long ago. What happened? I will tell you what happened? I became, firstContinue reading “Quit Lying To Yourself – We Americans Don’t Care About the Gospel”