What to Expect at a Prophetic Conference

1. Jesus will be there. Matthew 18:20 says, “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, I am there in the midst of them.” This is not just the time that individual words are spoken by the prophets. This includes the time that we are greeting each other, the time during worship, and the time during the preaching of the word. More than for us, this is a special time for Jesus. It’s like a birthday party. People are showing up to see him. Let’s have this heart!

2. For other people to be blessed. It is so easy, especially if you were in a desperate or painful time in your life, to come with one expectation and one only: to get a word for yourself. This narrow expectation can block our spirits from receiving encouragement via someone else’s experience with the Lord. Come with a heart toward others as well as yourself. This is about the individual and the community.

3. Fresh life. I’m glad I just checked this, AutoCorrect substituted “life” with “wife”. This could of made for an interesting blog and loss of my job. Ha! Life is up and down. Sometimes we get busy and lose focus. Sometimes we go through hard times. At other times, everything is fine, but we are compromised. Maybe we stop spending time with Jesus. Our spirit is dry, it might even be our own fault, but the bottom line is, we need a fresh touch to get going again. The Lord comes tonight to build us up, to bless us, to challenge us, and to lead us to a place where our hearts are renewed and on fire again.

So come tonight to Resurrection Life not to just see if you get a word, but to bless the heart of God and see others blessed.


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