“Thinking Chair”


John Maxwell writes that he has a “thinking chair.” This is a chair in his office that he sits in when he needs to stop and really think through some things. By getting up and going to another place (even though it is in the same office just a few steps away), his mind makes a switch. It goes from production mode to thinking/imagining/dreaming/strategizing mode.

In my house, I have a man-chair. I spend time with Jesus, read, and think in this space. In my office, I have a chair a few steps away from my desk. This is the place I go to read, reflect, and pray.

Do you have a space? If not, you run the grave risk of going about every minute, hour, and day of your existence without any true purpose, plan, and/or meaning. You have to stop every once in a while if you want to put your heart into the what and where and why of your existence.

Don’t do this and well, live shallow. Superficial. Like everybody else.

Find your space, stop, and breathe some fresh air so that your life can be intentionally meaningful.


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