Lunch Break Musings: No Footsteps 

  I’m on lunch with about 20 minutes to go. This is the first of Lunch Break Musings. Every now and then, I will take a few moments on my lunch break to share a thought. Today’s thought comes from the following scripture:

Psalm 77:19 “Your path led through the sea, your way through the mighty waters, though your footprints were not seen.” NIV

When I read this verse a few mornings ago, what struck me was that God can be leading you though there are no breadcrumbs in which your soul can find comfort. No crutch. The path is unsure. In the natural, you are blind. You are out on a limb and no longer sure of what is God and what is not. But remember, deep calls into deep, Spirit to spirit. Somehow, quite mystically, God can be leading you though His footsteps are nowhere to be found. It is possible (though impossible to explain to others) to have a sense which way to walk though you can’t see the Lord anywhere. 


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