Concerning the Relationship Between Psychology and Christianity

We reach into the mud, pull out different subjects, and wash them off with the water of God’s word/truth. Psychology is no different. 


maxresdefaultThe purpose of this post is to share an online article that I came across today. Before doing so, I would like to say a few things.

I currently work for Enlightium Academy, a “premier accredited private online school for grades 3 through 12. Students in PreKindergarten through grade 2 utilize a parent-led, book-based program.” It is a great company where I and several of my friends work.

One of my tasks over the last year at my job was to write various Psychology courses from scratch. I have thoroughly enjoyed not just the writing, but also the opportunity to refresh my knowledge as well as continue my learning in this field. One of the topics I am passionate about is the relationship between Psychology and Christianity. There are different views. Some Christians think that Psychology is “of the devil” and nothing more than Satan’s ploy to lead Christ-followers away from the truth of the Gospel (i.e. a modern idol). Other Christians believe that as with any “secular” field of study, there is much that can be redeemed and used in the context of a Biblical worldview.

As I was working online this morning, I had the desire to find an excellent article that presents an integrated view of Psychology and Christianity. After all, from a Christian perspective, is God not the creator of human nature? God knows more about the human person and how we were designed to tick than anyone else no matter how many degrees one might have. Besides, did Jesus not say,

“My prayer is not that you take them out of the world but that you protect them from the evil one.”

We do not retreat. We engage. We reach into the mud, pull out different subjects, and wash them off with the water of God’s word/truth. Psychology is no different.

The following article, Can A Christian Really Be A Psychologist?, presents what I believe is a true Biblical vision of how we as Christ-followers need to view Psychology. The author of this article, Sergio P. da Silva, is a professor of Psychology at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This article also does an excellent job explaining the missionary attitude that Christians ought to have toward all areas of culture.

All truth is God’s truth, so we must not be afraid of taking what we can from different fields of study and “reclaiming” them for the purposes of Christ.

We need not be afraid.

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