Disconnecting: steps that I am taking

shutterstock_310726148I am thinking more and more about how my phone can be such a nuisance, or most honestly, a thief. I can check email when I sit down on the computer. This will make more more intentional. I seldom use my twitter account. The computer will work for that as well. I like Instagram, but don’t use it much. I will leave it on my phone for now. I already removed the Facebook app several weeks ago. I have not missed it a bit.
By taking things off of my phone, I am attempting to turn it into a phone that is not so “smart.” Use it for calls. Use it for texts. Use the Lothian bus app to go places. Use it for GPS when driving. But all of the rest? I want peace. And even more, I want to be more present when I am walking around, standing in queues, playing with my kids (which I usually do a good job of leaving devices on my desk), connecting and worshipping at church, talking with my wife, or going for a walk.
Let’s be honest: people are not lined up to see what is going on in my life. That is okay. Also, most people are only using social media to try and impress others. Insecure? Can we not feel important and valuable without letting others know what is going on? God is watching and he cares (Psalms 139 and Matthew 6:1-18 are great reflection points): isn’t that good enough?
I have just taken the following steps: 
  1. All email apps removed from phone. I will now have to check the computer for email which requires greater intentionality.
  2. Work email is also removed from my phone. I must use a computer for this also.
  3. I will use my blog more and social media less.
  4. Because I live internationally, I will keep my FB messenger app; it enables me to text my brother and other friends for free.
  5. I will not use social media platforms out of a motivation to “stay relevant.” If I want to use them in a way that is meaningful, fine. If I want to use them to communicate, that is okay. But I will not have it at my fingertips inviting me, out of guilt or a need of influence or a feeling that I will be a dinosaur if I disconnect, to use it when I do not want to.

Ahhhh, I feel better already. I have a feeling that this is the first of many blogs on this subject. I want to know the Lord, enjoy beauty, listen and talk with people, and not have the minute-by-minute interruptions that literally suck the “life” out of life.

Be less important: disconnect!

Published by condreybj

B.J. Condrey was born in the small town of Winnsboro, Texas in 1978. He is a husband to Allison Condrey and a father to Ezra Condrey. After serving as a pastor in the local church in various capacities for over a decade, he began teaching philosophy. He has a B.A. in both Psychology and Philosophy as well as a M.A. in Philosophy. He has taught philosophy at four different schools including Whitworth University and Gonzaga University. He and his family now live in Edinburgh, Scotland where he received a partial scholarship to work toward his doctorate in the School of Divinity at the University of Edinburgh.

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