Daily Post #34

Reformed Theologian Herman Bavinck on Marital Love: “Marital love is moral when the lovers honor each other and love the human person in the other.” I immediately notice that he describes each marriage partner as a “lover.” While every marriage goes through its ups and downs, God’s ideal for marriage includes passion. This doesn’t mean that you walk around with a passionate longing for your spouse every second of the day. That’s stupid. On the other hand, God did not intend marriage to be dry, boring, transactional, etc. Secondly, the phrase “love the human person in the other” is weighty. Am I pursuing my spouse? Are we dreaming together? Am I asking her about her goals and dreams so that I can be both aware and prepared to act on her behalf? Or, do I just view her as someone who takes care of X and Y while I take care of A and B?

Best Budgeting App Ever: Did you know that Dave Ramsay has an app that you can use for your personal/family budget? It is called EveryDollar and is one of the best that we have ever used. The free version requires you to enter every transaction, while the paid version will sync with your bank accounts and cards so that you don’t have to do it. We use the free version. I simply type in every transaction, enter it into the appropriate category that I have created, and then choose one of three data options to see how we are doing that month: (1) Planned, (2) Spent, or (3) Remaining. As Christians, we are expected to faithfully steward what we have as an act of worship to God. This app is a tool that can help. Try it out.

Discomfort Doesn’t Kill: Is there someone that you know you need to call but have put it off for days, weeks, months, or even years? It may feel “big,” but all you have to do is pick up the phone and call. It might go well. It might be awkward. But remember, feeling awkward is not the end of the world. A little discomfort never killed anyone. Besides, it might go well, and your guilt for being a bad friend disappears.


Published by B.J. Condrey, PhD

Dr. Condrey holds a Bachelor of Arts in both Philosophy and Psychology from the University of Missouri-KC, a Master of Arts in Philosophy from the University of Southern Mississippi, and a Ph.D. in Ethics & Practical Theology from the University of Edinburgh. He is ACSI certified. Dr. Condrey writes courses and teaches Psychology, Bible, and C.S. Lewis at Enlightium Academy, where he began working in 2016. He has served as a youth, young adult, and small group pastor in the local church, and currently teaches Ethics at the University of Southern Mississippi. He has a book published by Wipf & Stock (Breaking Ground) along with other publications. In his spare time, he enjoys reading and writing, spending time with his family, traveling, trout fishing, family hikes, and drinking coffee! He is passionate about helping young people construct a biblical worldview so that their faith involves both the mind and heart. He has been married since 2009 and has two children.

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