Daily Post #49

Bird in Hand: To paraphrase a well-known cultural proverb, never let go of a bird in the hand because you are hoping to catch two in the bush. This is wisdom. There is nothing wrong with going after the two in the bush, but turning down opportunities in the present for what you hope might be around the corner is foolish. Even while you dream, be where your feet are. Say “yes” to what is in front of you. You don’t want to end up without any birds.

Sit With Disappointment: Has life ever punched you in the gut? It happens to all of us. You can busy yourself, lie to yourself, or simply keep going. But what about the disappointment that lingers? That pierces? That burns? That suffocates? After every disappointment, it is so important to your long-term mental, emotional, and spiritual health to “sit with it.” Confess it: “I am disappointed”; “My heart is broken”; “This is crushing”. Whether it is through prayer, conversation, and/or journaling, one needs to “go there.” The dark is not your enemy.

Islam: I am looking forward to reading this article on Islam by Professor Copan. As always, I highly recommend The Worldview Bulletin Newsletter.


Published by B.J. Condrey, PhD

Dr. Condrey holds a Bachelor of Arts in both Philosophy and Psychology from the University of Missouri-KC, a Master of Arts in Philosophy from the University of Southern Mississippi, and a Ph.D. in Ethics & Practical Theology from the University of Edinburgh. He is ACSI certified. Dr. Condrey writes courses and teaches Psychology, Bible, and C.S. Lewis at Enlightium Academy, where he began working in 2016. He has served as a youth, young adult, and small group pastor in the local church, and currently teaches Ethics at the University of Southern Mississippi. He has a book published by Wipf & Stock (Breaking Ground) along with other publications. In his spare time, he enjoys reading and writing, spending time with his family, traveling, trout fishing, family hikes, and drinking coffee! He is passionate about helping young people construct a biblical worldview so that their faith involves both the mind and heart. He has been married since 2009 and has two children.

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