It’s a Stupid Dream…

…but I can’t help it. I have had it for years. Before I tell you what it is, let me say something. You and I, all of us, are notorious for shooting down a dream before it even has a chance. We encourage people to dream, but then, when someone actually dreams a dream, weContinue reading “It’s a Stupid Dream…”

A Professor’s Response to Another Professor’s Classroom Exercise

Earlier today, I read a Facebook post from a friend of mine. It read, “My World Literature professor just made the class participate in a Hindu ritual. It was about throwing your enemies and people you hate into god’s mouth. Me and one other person were the only ones who didn’t do it.” I respondedContinue reading “A Professor’s Response to Another Professor’s Classroom Exercise”

“Swing the Bat”

I put the title in quotations because these are not my words. This last Sunday, my Senior Pastor shared a message with our local church family encouraging us to, “Swing the Bat!” We were all encouraged to get away this week and dream a little. This morning, I got up early, made my coffee, satContinue reading ““Swing the Bat””