Great Article by National Geographic: plastic is killing the planet

What if God cares about more than just the internal state of your heart? What if the planet matters? Click on this link if you want to be challenged. We can all do something and then encourage others to do the same.


Is Drinking Folger’s Coffee A Sin?

 You decide. reports,  "Folgers is the largest coffee brand in the U.S. and the leader in overall coffee sales. While the company earns more than one billion dollars per year from Folgers sales, the average coffee farmer earns only about 300 dollars annually, which is barely enough to feed a family, let alone educate [...]

Dylann Roof: Should Pastors and/or Churchmembers Carry Guns?

 The racially motivated murder of nine black people while inside a church building in Charleston, South Carolina is horrendous. My heart is sad. Family members and friends are waking up today without people they love for absolutely no reason. What needless suffering because of one bitter individual. I wonder if anyone had a gun in [...]