Tips for Scripture Memory (Yes, It is Important!)

To memorize is to store God’s Word in the soul so that the Holy Spirit has easy access to it in times of need. It is one way that we partner with the indwelling Person of the Holy Spirit in our sanctification journey.

Please Read This Book On Psalms 23

The message in this book is a powerful reminder that Christianity is a humble faith, not a power-grab strategy for those wanting to get ahead in our performance-saturated culture.

The Bible Contradicts Itself…

…or does it?  I want to be careful not to treat this issue superficially. Let me state up front that this is a far cry from an exhaustive treatment of the issue. Matter of fact, in this particular blog, I will address only one in particular.  Early on in my undergraduate Philosophy work in KansasContinue reading “The Bible Contradicts Itself…”