Next: The Step Before the Step

  Things do not always go as you plan. There are bumps and bends in the road that are invisible at a distance. This is life. This fact of life is true whether you are a follower of Christ, a Muslim, a Buddhist, an agnostic, or an atheist. It does not matter. The old cliche,Continue reading “Next: The Step Before the Step”

The Story Continues…

  For this post to make much sense, you will need to have read “No Longer A Pastor” from a little over a month ago. What a ride this has been for my wife and I (and Ezra, but he is blissfully unaware). I am not going to share every detail because I am almost finishedContinue reading “The Story Continues…”

Guest Blog: Leslie James

Leslie James has been married to Ryan James for 11 years. They have three sons, Reed, Ross, & Tyler. She currently resides in Winnsboro, Texas and is “privileged” to serve as the Ladies Minister at Grace Fellowship Ministries in Winnsboro. You can follow her on Twitter @lesliejamesgang. There is a decorative sign by my computerContinue reading “Guest Blog: Leslie James”

When Wanting to Please God Can Paralyze You

   You cannot move. You are afraid of “missing it.” What if this is not God’s will? What if you are only 30% or 50% or 80% sure the thought you have floating around in your head is the Holy Spirit speaking rather than your own idea? What if you step out and find outContinue reading “When Wanting to Please God Can Paralyze You”