The Triune Nature of Particle Physics

This is a thought I have had for a few years. It actually occurred to me while driving with my wife (at the time we were dating) on a day trip to a place in nature she surprised me with north of Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Without listing all of the Scriptures, Christians clearly believe that GodContinue reading “The Triune Nature of Particle Physics”

Jesus Dropped a Book On My Porch

Yesterday was an amazingly personal God-day for me. In order for you to understand my experience fully, you need to know a few things about me. 1. I LOVE to read. 2. I LOVE to read. 3. From time to time, especially after I finish one book, I love to pray and ask The LordContinue reading “Jesus Dropped a Book On My Porch”

Refuge On My Bicycle Path

My wife and I are pursuing simplicity. We recently added to our family (birth of our first son, Ezra) and then downsized. Huh? Yes. Moved into town so we can be close to work, gym, church, and friends. Though our family grew, our bought a home over 200 square feet smaller (total around 1200). SimplicityContinue reading “Refuge On My Bicycle Path”