Infinite Suspension

20140626-115827-43107832.jpgSome people always have a reason why they cannot move forward with something. There is a dream, an idea, maybe even something that God has deposited in their heart, but they never get around to it. I need one more week, one more month, or one more year and then I will be ready. They live in a state of infinite suspension. There comes a point when you have to decide, are you going to go for it or not? Will you move forward? Will you act upon that idea which you have not been able to kick out of your mind/heart?

I have a friend that told me the other day that he has applied for several ministry openings all across the United States. He also told me that he knows he is underqualified. But he’s out there, giving it a shot, wondering what might happen. Good for him!

I have a firm conviction based upon my personal experiences with The Lord that when I cannot get something off of my mind for a period of time, it is The Lord. He is leading me with His eye (Psalms 32:8 NKJV). You will always be able to come up with a reason for suspending that “thing” in your heart. Satan is a master at playing upon your insecurities and feeding you what seems to be an adequate reason for suspending action until you feel more qualified. There are times to wait, I get that. But then there are also moments when you need to close your eyes and jump. Start a blog. Write a book. Apply for that dream job. Ask the girl for coffee. Start your education. Witness to that person even if the friendship is injured for awhile. Have that meaningful conversation with a family member (i.e., confrontation). Start sponsoring a child with Compassion International for $38. Get more disciplined. Wake up 30 minutes early and read the Bible every morning. Start a business. Start a savings. Start giving away a certain amount of your income each month. You get the idea.

For many Christians, indefinite suspension has become a lifestyle, a mode of operation. Let me say it differently. There comes a point when the delay, the conservatism, the justifications, are nothing but pure sin and disobedience. Succeed or fail, jump!


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