Boardgame: Ticket To Ride

How can I justify recommending a board game on a blog that is suppose to save Christians?

I don’t know.

That being said, this board game was game of the year in Germany in 2004. Isaiah & Sam Quiroz introduced the game to us on New Year’s Eve. We played till 3am. Then, once we got up the next day, Allison, I, and Ezra drove to Slidell and bought the game. That’s right, the very next day. Since then, we have introduced the game to several others. Of those, so far, two of them have gone and bought the game.

Board games are the way to go. No out-to-eat costs. No entertainment costs (except the one time fee of buying the game). No screen blaring at you. Just a table, a game, probably some coffee, a little friendly competition, and a good time. Go get the game.


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