Closing the Spokane Chapter of Our Lives 

If you are still between a promise and the long-awaited open door, keep hanging on.


The rest of my day is full of flights that will eventually conclude in Spokane late tonight. But for the first time in a long time, my beautiful wife and awesome boy are not present. They are in Mississippi where they will spend the next 2-3 weeks. I must finish two more weeks of teaching at Spokane Falls Community College and then we will all get on separate planes and meet up in Texas where we will spend two months before jumping the Atlantic to Scotland. 

Their time in Spokane is done. 

There is a bit of sadness in my heart writing that last statement. We thought Spokane would be a six month detour. It ended up lasting a year and a half, long enough to develop new and amazing friendships that, to be honest, we never intended. After all, the Howell’s and the Lambert’s were there and we didn’t think we would be there for long anyway. We went to build the resume and in the midst of disappointment and heartbreak (prior to the breakthrough!), sweet surprises were in store. Daddy God will make sure to lead you to streams in the desert. 

So what will I do for the next two weeks? 

  • Miss my family desperately. 
  • Hang with friends!

  • Drink good coffee before going south to Texas for two months. 
  • Play as much disc golf with Thomas Lambert that I can possibly play. 
  • Read. 
  • Continue to put the finishing touches on my book that chronicles my family’s journey over the past 2.5 years (nothing but journal entires, some good, some ugly #raw #honest). I hope you will purchase and read!
  • Work as hard as I can to save as much as I can for the international transition. 
  • Continue to get up early, open His Word, and sit still with the Lord. 

I cannot believe what God has done. He does not put desires in our heart to torment us. He does not make false promises. 

He also never promised a pain-free path. We can’t be wimps if we want what Jesus wants. 

He truly cares about the time between the promise and the open door. 

As Francis Schaeffer titled one of his books, he is there and he is not silent. 

If you are still between a promise and the long-awaited open door, keep hanging on. Keep pouring your heart out to God AND people. Nothing worth having comes easy. 

4 thoughts on “Closing the Spokane Chapter of Our Lives 

  1. Well said my friend. And yes, the journey continues. I CANNOT WAIT TO BUY THAT BOOK !! I’m proud of you. NEVER stop sharing your story. It comforts, inspires, pushes others to keep on keeping on !! I love ya Bud & I miss my friend. But I’m encouraged to keep pushing forward… by your story.

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  2. Love this❤️ Cannot wait to read that book, I’m sure it will be amazing. Also super excited to see you guys hopefully while you are in Texas!!

    Liked by 1 person

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