Philosophy Class and My Student’s Vision

imagesWow, that was cool. One of my philosophy students just left the classroom. I had just finished lecturing on Rene Descartes’ Meditations. It was our third day discussing epistemology. Because Descartes discusses dreams, the topic of dreams came up. At one point, I shared a very spiritual dream meant to demonstrate to one particular student that deliberation, thought, and reasoning do in fact occur during a dream.

After sharing a spiritual dream from my early 20’s (this is a secular college by the way), lecture and discussion went on as usual. Class ended and a student stood and waited for everyone else to leave. Once everyone was gone, he asked me personally, “Have you ever had vision?” This is the same student that approached me a week ago and asked me directly, “Are you a Christian?”

I told him “no.” I then asked him if he had had a vision. He said “yes.” I asked if he cared to share. He proceeded to share the following:

About a year ago, I was given an assignment that required me to close my eyes and picture what I might want to do in my future. After about ten seconds of sitting there, I was suddenly standing before a door frame (only the posts and lintel). Within a few seconds, an extremely bright figure (surrounded with bright light) appeared. As I stood and looked at the figure through the door frame, I was in awe. Besides being in awe, I noticed that he was wearing armor. Toward the end, I had this very strong impression that I was supposed to imitate this being.” 

Before the student finished, I had the thought, “God has put me here in this secular philosophy classroom to help this young man interpret his dream.” I asked him if he had ever read the book of Revelation in the Bible because in this book, Jesus appears, in some sense, in very bright light but also as a warrior. I then then told him that besides this reference, the main verse that came to mind as he spoke was Ephesians 5:1. Paul wrote, “Be imitators of God as dear children.”

Our conversation ended with me suggesting that this figure that was calling for “imitation” bears a remarkable resemblance to the person of Christ as presented in the New Testament.

God is on the move.

The Holy Spirit is at work.

This is why I left pastoring. I loved pastoring and still feel as though I am pastor at heart. However, I want to be here. Surrounded with people who are having spiritual dreams, reading philosophy, and trying to figure out if anything is out there trying to speak to them.

I am a missionary. That is the cry of my heart.


7 thoughts on “Philosophy Class and My Student’s Vision

  1. That was awesome BJ! I was asked recently to consider a position at a Christian school but I knew in my heart I am meant to teach at a public school. God uses me in ways that are so precious in the public school setting.

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  2. Great post! Even as a pastor, you had a huge impact on my life. Though you are missed, I know you heard the call of God to be a missionary, and know God will putting people in your life! 🙂

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